Zero-Blade - Different Atmospheres EP

Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre/Style: Dark Psy
Year: 2009


01. Hypnotic Masquerade
02. Frequencies of Mayhem
03. Biomechanical Warriors
04. Psycho
05. Shuriken Trip

D-A-R-K Records is proud to present their fifty-sixth EP, by one of the most promising and talented artist in Bulgaria, Zero-Blade.

As stated in EP title, Zero-Blade here presents you Different Atmospheres than what you have been used to in the past. Five slick and dynamic tracks hereto to make you go mad on the dancefloor, all specially crafted by Zero-Blade.

Are you ready for a Zero-Blade twist?



Team Radio - Better Future - 2009

Label: Promo
Genre/Style: Progressive, Psytrance
Year: 2009


01.Team Radio-Journey
02.Team Radio-Can You Feel The Music
03.4.Strings-Take Me Away(Team Radio RMX)
04.Team Radio-Warming The Mind
05.Team Radio-Better Future
06.Team Radio-Haning On(RMX)
07.Team Radio-Moving

Solo project formed by Leonardo Dornelas AKA XattO, Resident of Central West Brazil. Team Radio is a project of psytrance full on Morning merged with the groove, characterized by melodic lines, filtered breakdowns, bass lines and lots of striking psychedelic! Leonardo since little was in direct contact with great music, and over time he discovered he had a great talent. He began playing drums for 13 years, studying music theory in general. In 2001 had his first contact with electronic music, starting with techno, a move quickly once the Drum n'Bass and then met psytrance which aroused great interest. In late 2006 started producing their own songs and in 2007 started in its own psytrance project of the Radio Team. During 2007 Leonardo produced tracks of high class music characterized by seriousness, demonstrating the maturity of them. This mixture of two parts and the result has some tracks were dancing and accelerated with its own style.


Vlastur - Interaxion Dub

Label: EQnation Records
Genre/Style: Ambient, PsyDub, Dubstep
Year: 2009


01. Mulahsbleus
02. 20 Years Later
03. Biz Dub
04. Ganjaman Dub
05. Steppa9
06. 0707
07. Cycladic Dub
08. Interaxion Dub
09. Neverland
10. Voices Of The Past
11. Fullmoon (vs Dark ELF)

Vlastur started his journey into music as a Bass layer.

Back in the mid-80's, he was a founding member of the Cohash Funk, an underground Funk group. In 1998 alongside Frequency Freak, fellow Cohash funk guitarist and Spiris, a dubby drummer, formed 'Apeuthias Syndesi' now known as Direct Connection, a dub experimental laboratory.

They released 'Dub Infection' in 2007. Even though he started as a Bassist in Direct Connection, he is now the FX Sound Engineer of the band. In the meanwhile he was also working as a session musician with various artists and bands.

In 2004 he teamed up with Palyrria an ethnic-electronica band and in 2005 recorded 'Methexy' with them and has played in many of their gigs.

The 'InterAxion Dub ' project is the first full length work of Vlastur.
Eleven previously unreleased tracks influenced by all his beloved sounds from PsyDub to Dubstep through Ambient, Drum n Bass and Traditional Mediterranian sounds.


T Virus :: Voices of Hell EP

Label: PROMO
Genre/Style: Dark Psy
Year: 2009


01.T.Virus-Requiem For Death
02.T.Virus-Unless Survivor
03.T.Virus-I\'you Grace
04.T.Virus-Voices Of Hell
05.T.Virus-Sadness Of Labirinth
06.T.Virus-Dawn Red (Mex.1968)

This Latinos make Dark Full On and are Psychadelic as hell, give it a try they have a distinc sound. Evil Psy!



X-Noize - Live Set - 2009

Genre/Style: Psychedelic
Year: 2009


01.X-Noize Feat Guy Salama And Tom C-Loosing Control
02.X-Noize-By Any Means Necessary (RMX)
03.X-Noize-No Mishaps
04.X-Noize-Out Of Rage
05.Domestic VS X-Noize-Non Human
06.X-Noize-Gangster 07.X-Noize-On Board
08.Pixel VS X-Noize-Beats From Beyond
09.Psy Craft-Computech(X-Noize RMX)
10.X-Noize VS Assi-15,000 Micrograms
11.X-Noize-Live Or Die
12.X-Noize And Guy Salama-Out Loud

X-noiZe are Barak Argaman & Nadav Bonen from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Their debut album 'Mental notes' (2005) is considered one of the freshet prospects of modern psy trance. Their unique sound production became a guideline for the new psy-generation, crossing over rumbling baselines, euphoric melodies and club elements. Always aiming high, X-noiZe also explore the borders of vocal productions together with their singer Tom. C (Tomer Cherkasky) - the voice of the noise! The trance songs that they produce together since the first album have become massive dance floor anthems as they are very communicative but always maintain that undeniable trance edge. X-noiZe released tracks on various compilations of labels such as TIP World, Spun, Hit Mania, Phantasm, Neurobiotics, YoYo and more. They made some powerful remixes for Duvdev (Infected mushroom), Sub6, Domestic, Ticon, Tranan and just recently got remixed by G.M.S, Psy Craft and Ticon. Their nonstop global tour has left many dancers and clubbers breathless in places like Japan (S.O.S and Groundbeat festivals), Brazil (where they took a big part as supporting act in some of Infected Mushroom's 2006 Tour gigs and Creamfields Rio De Janeiro), Italy (Sonica), Germany (FullMoon), Switzerland (Atmosphere), UK, Mexico and the list goes on.


Save The Robot - Battle Of The Mind DivX - 2005

Label: T.I.P World Records
Genre/Style: Progressive, Psytrance
Year: 2005


01. Save The Robot - Battle of The Mind

Save the Robot is a cybernetic 2 piece, electronic component ensemble. A world first in the world of electronic, audio experiments.
These 100% synthetic pieces of far out machinery (origins unknown) are delivering some of the most mind altering frequencies the human ear has ever heard. Must be played loud to experience all dimensions but scientists are warning that random teleportation could be a side effect. If in doubt wear the recommended ear filters.


Total Eclipse - Silent Mix DJ Set 2009

Genre/Style: Progresive/Tech/House/Trance
Year: 2009


01.Arnej-The Beauty That Lies Behind Those Green Eyes(Opus Outro RMX)
02.Invisible Sounds-30,000 Years(Original)
03.Barrington Feat Shefali-Eclipsing The Sun(ID RMX)
04.C Rouge-Child From Heaven(Feat Mayira Baghdassarian)
05.The Dreamline-Plastic Emotion
06.Hibernate-Home(Ads Meets Natlife Going To Paradise RMX)
07.Mike Foyle-Bittersweet Nightshade(Amster Dyen Tuned RMX)
08.Elevation-Biscayne (Original)
09.Rank 1-Airwave(ID RMX)

Total Eclipse are one of the true core originators of the genre we today refer to as goa trance. While they never received the same amount of attention as the likes of Hallucinogen, Astral Projection or Koxbox, they are just as influential, to say the least. They were making highly melodic tracks as far back as 1992, and have quite a few classics tucked under their belt, from the milestone tunes "Aliens" and "Waiting For A New Life", to "Blade Runner", Chaotic Circus", "Free Lemonade", "Partycles" and probably half a dozen more Ive forgot. Also not to be forgotten is their input in the Mystery Of The Yeti supergroup, which had a huge overall impact on the future sound and development of ambient music. Total Eclipses 1995 debut album, Delta Aquarids sounds very old and dated today, but still remains a foundation stone in the genre, but it is their sophmore release, the marvellous double CD from 1996, intitled Violent Relaxation where the trio really shone through, and brought what is in my opinion one of the absolute pinnacles of the old school goa/psy trance movement, and merits its place on the top shelf of every serious fan of trance music!
Unfortunately, with the premature demise of the old school, the groups magic started to wear out as well. Still, 1999 saw the trio surprisingly release a downtempo-breakish album called Access Denied. The original purists were immediately disappointed and turned their heads away, but they sure missed out on a lot! It seems that the french producers, being dissatisfied with the direction trance music was pursuing, decided to chose a path hard to follow, and stayed true, so to speak. The album itself crossed many genres, blending the unblendable, and sounding like little else out on the market at that time. Total Eclipse were probably trying once again to bring new and fresh stuff to the table, just as they did some years back. Unfortunately, very few listeners understood, and shortly after, sided by the departure Serge Souque (he can today be found as one of the three members in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly project), who was quite probably the creative mind of the project, the remaining two guys occasionally dropped a track or two on some various artists compilation, but nothing worth too much of your attention. The three members can today be found literary all over the place, taking parts and collaborating in many projects, under various aliases, but I never found any of the newer material as nearly as moving and beautiful as their old Total Eclipse tracks, which are, simply put, all great!


Ojos - Ojos And Friends

Ojos - Ojos And Friends
Label: Headstick Digital
Genre/Style: Progressive
Releaser: thqmas (orig by Shelter)
Year: 2009


01. You Are Going To Be In Trouble (Original mix)
02. 3Sistem feat. F-Zero (Original Mix)
03. Inspiration feat. Loranca (Original Mix)

Ojos initiate his career as producer in 1999 with a called project UnosFonks, with a more psychedelic and forceful sound on Its music.

He emerged into the Progressive trance when he traveled to Barcelona, and met Marcos a.k.a Dj Cel, who showed him, this new sound known as Progressive Trance.

In 2002 he initiate the project "Trancemission" with Hugo a.k.a. Gandulk, this project belongs to the Record Label "Iboga mexico", Live act which makes him well known with many National and International presentations.

Recently , on his last tour in brazil, he decided to initiate his own project, he named it " Ojos" as his all life nickname, with a sound that characterizes it, being forceful, full of life and extremely dynamic.



Various Artists - Kultrun

Label: Antu Records
Genre/Style: Psychedelic
Year: 2009


01. Journey - J Vision (Original Mix)
02. Ital - Who We Are (Ital Remix)
03. Crystall - Nem Me Olhea (Original Mix)

Antu Records was created with the idea of expansion in general, through the different arts that interact with people, like music, dance, visuals, animation, meditation, painting, etc, creating some union in synch with all through the energy that surrounds us. In connection with Activ-art, urban cultural platform, its missions is to generate more concience for life, motivating and involving people in developing their creativity, contributing to their inner potential through art and all its manifestations. Begin a new stage for electronic music in south america, the first chilean psytrance and chillout label. The word “ Antu ” comes from the indigenous Chilean language that means sun. Our purpose and intention is to expand the light and divine energy all over the world through psytrance music, to connect ourselves with our roots and feel our hearts full of spiritual healing.



Hallucinogen - In Dub Live - 2009

Label: Twisted Records
Genre/Style: Psychedelic / Dub
Year: 2009


01. Hallucinogen - LSD
02. Hallucinogen - Spiritual Antiseptic
03. Hallucinogen - Cicada
04. Hallucinogen - Solstice
05. Hallucinogen - Hid
06. Hallucinogen - Dark Persuasion
07. Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles
08. Hallucinogen - Rent Boy
09. Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins

Release Notes:

In May 2007, Twisted Live in Concert gave us the opportunity to record a unique Live set from Hallucinogen in DUB. Featuring Ott, Simon Posford, Youth, Jackson and David Nock, it's a beautiful acoustic performance of the classics you know and love under a new arrangement from the live performance. A solid hour of heavy grooves and upbeat psychedelic sofa monsters that features several new tracks. This release will bring the energy of the event into your living room and the excitement felt by thousands as they watched these seasoned professionals firing out their electro-acoustic meanderings. You can expect more Live projects from Twisted Records in the future. Shpongle and Younger Brother to name a few.


Ambient Intelligent Application - Physical Moments - 2009

Genre......: Ambient
Style......: Chill out
Label......: Ajana Records
CatalogNr..: AJACD010
Url........: http://www.ajana-records.com/
Rel.date...: 26.06.2009
Size.......: 96,20 MB
Length.....: 67:05


01. Silent Moments 03:36
02. Violent Thought 07:25
03. Virtual Walks 06:15
04. A new Epoch 04:09
05. Waves & Fields 03:53
06. Reconfigurability 06:47
07. Orientation View 09:26
08. Low Wind Chill 04:01
09. Affine Transformations 08:58
10. Ambient Light 07:21
11. Special Class 05:14

Release Notes

Ambient Intelligent Application (A.I.A.) is an upcoming ambient-electronic
group exploring new atmospheric paths. With many influences from various kinds
of music and other groups (chill out, dub, ambient, downtempo, IDM,
electronic, triphop, trance, techno, ebm, industrial, goth, psychedelic
rock...), travelling around the world and enjoying many open-air festivals
A.IA. started producing music. The ``Physical Moments'' album is half live
composed and recorded. Inserting in a world of digital/analog, virtual and
hardware situations, this album descripes these moments...

The A.I.A group is the project of two brothers (writing, producing,
djing,...) which started from collecting music. Being in festivals around the
world, they found themselves writing & producing music. Understanding the
music theory through systems & signals, music informatics, waves & fields
helped them to see musical theory as a part and as a whole of sound. Also
their studies guided them to know functions of the main algorithms which are
used in nowadays music programs & synthesizers, important for creating music.
From this link between theory and practice A.i.A. (ambient intelligent
application) was born.



Bliss - 60 min DJ Set

Genre/Style: Progressive, Psytrance
Year: 2009

01.Bliss-60 Min

Bliss is Yonatan Marcow from Yokneam, Israel - A personal favorite in music and a dear friend.

I'm happy to see that he's now one of the best live shows there is on the scene (and I'm preaty jealous to...).

I remember Yonatan as one of the most talented guitar player there was, when we were young. Hes success is no suprise, for everything he does he does with his mind and heart, then he does it again, better, then again, better and so on...


Various Artists - One Dub

Label: Interchill Records
Genre/Style: Dub, Reggae, Chill Out
Year: 2009


01 Sugar Minott - Take It Dub
02 Vibronics feat. Macka B - Tired Of The Year
03 Gaudi - 100% Rootikal
04 Liquid Stranger - Welcome To My Culvert
05 Ashtech - Just Try
06 System Error feat. Michael Rose - Time Bomb (Dub)
07 Luciano - What We Got To Do (GCorp Remix)
08 Ragana - Ah
09 Michael Rose - Throw Some Dub
10 Bush Chemists - Good Sensi Dub 2
11 Dr. Israel - Dub Inna Babylon
12 Big Bass Theory - All Of Us
13 International Observer - Binman Dub
14 Pushmipulyu - We Make It Work (Impossible Dub Mix)
15 Manasseh And Praise - Dub For Dennis

diving into the world of dub reggae, one dub is ready to hit sound systems just in time for the summer season. from rootsy to experimental and from steppers to dubstep, this selection takes in the many flavours of dub.

there are islands of dub all over the world, not just in the obvious locations. it’s a production technique and sound unto itself and has spread far and wide since its birth in jamaica in the 70’s. now, people in countries as diverse as italy, poland, new zealand, canada and brazil are all mad for it. always a crucial influence to the interchill sound, the dub forms presented here show just how far the network has grown in 40 years.

this compilation features many of the luminaries of the global dub scene. the selection is heavy, deep and spiced with conscious vocals from reggae greats such as macka b, sugar minott, michael rose, luciano and dr. israel. interchill favorites gaudi, liquid stranger, ashtech and pushmipulyu make solid contributions, as do canada’s big bass theory and poland’s ragana. manasseh & praise and international observer both give a taste of material from upcoming albums.

one dub is an album to take with you on summer roadtrips, to festivals or to bring sunny vibes to wherever you may be. light up the chalice and crack open some cold ones - one love, one dub…


Hyios - Consuetudines - 2009

Label: Malignant Records
Genre/Style: Ambient
Year: 2009


01│ Tephra
02│ Algor
03│ Teiwaz
04│ Crater
05│ Aquila
06│ Rex
07│ Nasjoir

The alluring debut from Leipzig GermanyÆs Hyios, Consuetudines offers 7 lengthy compositions of cold ritual drones, arching trajectories, and visceral descents into subterranean caverns, where rich, kinetic textures and deep resonant tones move and morph in a fluid, serpentine fashion, sprinkled with the debris of an ancient culture and something more otherworldly and primordial. eipzig has historically proven to be fertile ground for dark ambient and onsuetudines continues in the fine tradition set forth by such notable acts as Inade and Herbst9. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Secret Lab. A great new discovery.


Mad Psychos - Floor Express EP - 2009

Label: Ultra Violence Records
Genre/Style: Progressive, Psytrance
Year: 2009


* 1. Hell Fire
* 2. The Dark Quest
* 3. Floor Express
* 4. Mydriasis
* 5. Brainsucker
* 6. Konterlatte
* 7. Seelenwanderung
* 8. Unshifter
* 9. Welcome to the Jungle

Actually Mad Psychos is a project formed by Norman (Psycho) and Yannick (Mad). We are producing ultimate sound with all segments of psychedelic and trance music. Norman is working as DJ since the year 2000 and begun his own productions in 2002. In the year 2005 we met us, and from that day we are working together. Now we are producing psytrance sound with fullon and psychedelic influences which comes along also with progressive styles.
This was released in WAV format by 'DZP'. I encoded it to VBR (192-320kbps), created and added a .NFO file + packed and uploaded it for your N-Joyment.


Fatali - Space Designer - 2009

Genre/Style: Psychedelic
Year: 2009


01. Fatali - Inner Depth
02. Fatali - Soul Control
03. Fatali - Dreaming
04. Sun Project - Computer Breath (Fatali Remix)
05. Fatali - Mother
06. Fatali - Change The Universe
07. Fatali - Space Designer
08. Astral Projection Feat Fatali - History Of War (Fatali Remix)
09. Fatali - Thoughts
10. Fatali - Hypnotized

Eitan Carmi, better known as FATALI, is regarded one of Israel's emerging artists. Born in 1984 in the city of Nazareth, Fatali discovered electronic music.

at the age of 13 and was instantly captivated by the wonders of music production.

He first started fooling around with the impulse tracker software, and at the age of 16, after discovering the wonders of the MIDI world, he began producing original music professionally.

Over the years, Fatali has developed an original & unique sound - fresh and powerful, ranging from deep progressive Trance with hints & bits of Full-On Trance, yet always melodic and perfectly synchronized for the dance floor.

After releasing his debut album (Moments) in 2003 on the UK label Alchemy, Fatali was signed to BNE’s label – YoYo Records, where he released his second & third studio albums (Faith 2005/ Dawn 2006), becoming both instant classics & international best sellers.

Summer 2007 has exposed Fatali’s talent once again with ‘Re Construct’, the highly anticipated remix project, featuring cooperation with the most celebrated & biggest names in the Electronic music industry (some for the first time on an Israeli label) Mixed to perfection, this remixes album is Fatali’s most colorful studio work to date and features an endless range of musical spectrums. Fatali is constantly touring the globe, Performing extensively all year round, Fatali brings an outstanding & energetic live act that sets the crowd on fire over and over again. Recent years have seen Fatali appearing in huge events such as: Tsunami- New York,Australia, Soulclipse- Turkey, Indian Spirit- Germany, Antiworld- UK, while also conquering Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland & Denmark,Korea , among others.

In 2008 Fatali has rocked the masses playing at some of the world's biggest events: Avalon Club In Hollywood LA, Tshitraka Festival- Germany, Nandan Festival- Switzerland, Antalia Dance Festival- Turkey & SOS Festival- Japan. What sets this amazing artist aside from others is his positive & uplifting approach to life, generating a unique ability to combine both emotions and warm ambiance alongside deep Trance production, all of which are perceptible throughout his rich repertoire.

This is Fatali's 4th Album, Enjoy!


Omasphere :: Prelude

Label: PrikosnovΘnie
Genre/Style: Ambient
Year: 2009


01 Noum
02 Platoun
03 Ortern
04 PrΘdule 1
05 Nome
06 Loumat
07 Yguan
08 PrΘlude 3
09 RΘvocation
10 Kolparter Soma
11 Ecifircas
12 Semfi

Omasphere's fire reminds the most beautiful albums of 'Dead can
dance' between ethnical trance and sacred music.

Amo's voice inspired by the magic of Orient spirits bewitches the 5 musicians & their instruments : Santur (Iranian), Derbouk, Udu, Bendir, Gong, Tibetan Cymbal, Egyptian crotals...

The atmosphere will lead you in an inner meditative trip like a nomad trance. Jeanne & Fabrice Lefebvre from the band RAJNA are playing on tracks of the album. æPreludeÆ is an invitation to deep emotion and a sacred moment. A superb discovery on the middle-eastern country of Prikosnovenie.


Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - Round 1

Label: Drive Records
Genre/Style: Psytrance
Year: 2009


01. Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - War On The Ground (08:16)
02. Bliss - Funksick (09:21)
03. Azax Syndrom - Hokuto Shin Ken (08:53)
04. Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - The Better (07:28)
05. Azax Syndrom - Flawless Victory (Bliss Remix) (08:39)
06. Bliss - Sinner Bee (Azax Syndrom Remix) (07:42)
07. Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - Psycho Madness (08:39)
08. Azax Syndrom - Live Or Die (08:22)
09. Bliss - Zero Hour (10:09)

Drive Records is delighted to present its newest projection, this time from mega star producers Azax Syndrom Vs. Bliss - ROUND 1.
What happens when 2 accomplished producers such as Azax Syndrom and Bliss, unite? MAGIC!!! In the form of 9 roaring new tracks...
In order to set this album aside from yet another collaboration based album, present a more personal and valuable touch, the duo cooked
this clever concept featuring 3 collaboration tracks, 2 Solo Tracks each, and an additional remix track each produced for the other...
The result is tremendous, a highly varied album... 100% dance floor material... and an exquisite product for the fans to enjoy.
Azax Syndrom Vs. Bliss bout is game!!! ROUND 1 declared!!!
Get Ready...



Indra - Make A Stand - 2009

Label: Planet B.E.N. Records
Genre/Style: Psychedelic
Year: 2009


01.Indra - Make A Stand Feat. Shukes
02.Indra - Its Good Again
03.Indra Vs. Perplex - Music
04.Indra - What Love Is This
05.Indra Vs. Beathackers - We Are Funny
06.Indra - Generation
07.Indra Vs. Quality Sound Vs. Strange Planet - Australia
08.Yahel - For The Pepole ( Indrapest Vs. Intersys Rmx)
09.Slow Bit (Indra) - Clavia

Oshri K started to develop Indra in early 2000 .in spite he’s age , Indra have a sharp & brilliant production followed by amazing ideas , melodies , fx , atmospheres & more variety of frequencies .

Indra music is influenced by GMS, Eskimo, Infected Mushroom....
Oshri is very a dynamic brain & creative spirit .
Oshri K aka Indra , already collaborated with : Matan aka Gataka/Sesto Sento to a remix for Analog Pussy – Sound of Soul , Safi Connection , Future Prophecy – Indra (Remixed by Indra) , Aquatiqa (nadav) , also working on full length album with HollyMan from Sigma rec, Japan.

Indra already have releases on various labels such as : Spliff Music , Sigma rec , DemonTea rec , USTA rec , Enigmatic Sound rec , Shiva link rec , Tribadelic rec & more to come.


Pure Energy - Unreleased Album - 24.06.2009

Label: N/A
Genre/Style: Progressive, Psytrance
Year: 2009


* 01.Pure Energy-Bullet In The Gun
* 02.Pure Energy-Is All Right
* 03.Pure Energy-Keep Dancing
* 04.Pure Energy-Lisergic Sound Of Dream
* 05.Pure Energy-Outside Of The Universe
* 06.Pure Energy-Sunrise
* 07.Pure Energy-Ssystem Reboot
* 08.Pure Energy-This Is Flying Saucer
* 09.Pure Energy-T-Virus

PURE ENERGY is the Brazilian project of Full On PsyTrance of Leonardo Monteiro (aka Dj XR3) and Hugo Lannes Castellan (aka Harmonika).

Leonardo Monteiro, 26 years, dj since the age of 16, had his first contact with electronic music for 21 years in the Open Air festivals and nightclubs of Rio de Janeiro, starting then played in the main events in the city next to big names such as world PsyTrance: Black & White, DNA, Stereomatic, Phanatic, Domestic, Xerox & Illumination, Electro Sun, Spade, PsySex, Dj Kitty and Du Serena.

Hugo Lannes Castellan was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1988, and is 9 years since the musician, when you bought your first guitar. He had his first contact with electronic music in 2007. After attending raves and PVTs, with help from friends was improving his technique in production. In 2008, entered the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, making the course of musical production called Music and Technology.

Hugo and Leonardo joined to create songs and melodies with striking BassLine. His main influences are: Ultravoice, XSI, Ananda Shake, Vibe Tribe, Spade, BPM, Optokoppler, Audiotec, Indra, Chakra, Simon Patterson, Nick Sentience and Reaky.


01.Pure Energy-Bullet In The Gun
02.Pure Energy-Is All Right
03.Pure Energy-Keep Dancing
04.Pure Energy-Lisergic Sound Of Dream
05.Pure Energy-Outside Of The Universe
06.Pure Energy-Sunrise
07.Pure Energy-Ssystem Reboot
08.Pure Energy-This Is Flying Saucer
09.Pure Energy-T-Virus


Metal Wizard - Promo 6/2009

Label: PROMO
Genre/Style: Dark, Goa, FullOn
Year: 2009


1. Inquisition Legacy
2. Wanted
3. The Spell

Metal Wizard is Hugo Aguiar from Lisbon (Portugal). He plays a very unique & powerful fusion of Goa, Dark, Full On................and Metal!!!
With a live act ideal to play early morning, it creates the perfect connection between Dark psy and Full On.
He started studying at a music school in his early teens, with guitar as the main instrument. Hugo later joined a metal band were he evolved as a guitar player, and since then metal became part of his life.
Psychedelic trance appeared in 96, when he went to his first party, and what a party…. it was a through life changing experience, surely to be repeated!
The interest for electronic music production started in 2003, shortly after Hugo went to live in the UK, were he finished an MSc in Music Engineering and Production.


Ozmali - Forest Fusion - 2009

Label: Ozmali Records
Genre/Style: Soumi, Psychedelic
Year: 2009


01. Travelling
02. Serafijn - Dansen Verboden
03. XXX
04. Martial Arts
05. Helios Remix
06. Dancing With Daemons
07. Petite Chevre
08. Psiegedelics Kunstenaar
09. Voxac Kawak
10. Kata Rei

Ozmali Records' first release is shaking the trees!! Originally made as a part of the Ozmali live act, all of the tracks on this album have been recorded in a seamless mix, selected to quiver your spine and shuffle your brain. Ozmali's music is a melting pot of sound encountered on
extensive travels around the world, inspired by the spirits of nordic forest-parties and jungle-parties in the south, as well as the deeper psychedelic sound from the ground. No need to find a common denominator between full on, dark or progressive - simply label it: Psychedelic.

Behind Ozmali we find Steven from Amsterdam, who has been travelling the globe as an all-round dj for more than ten years, and is performing live since 2006. Being a true psychedelic artist he crosses boundaries that are commonly perceived. Some of his inspirations include Droidsect, Elvis and Texas Faggott.

Aside from his own, Steven is involved with various music projects and is a visual artist as well. You will be hearing more from this sense blending artist very soon.